British weather has been bad since last November. A record breaking wet winter with associated grey, temperature and skies not getting lighter ever since. There was some sunny warmth in the spring and I had four brief but lovely trips: three to Snowdonia and one to the Lake District. A Welsh farmer told me “it’s not warming up” and for the first time he’d ever seen, farmers couldn’t lay the spring fertiliser “because nothing will grow yet.” It was sunny for two days and I enjoyed the Rhinogs and Moelfre but like a small meal after days of not eating. A few more days of early sun, and several good days about two weeks ago when I thought the endless rainy gloom had finally stopped. But no: it was back again.

This day was the same. August, grey skies, torrential rain. It finally stopped around five in the afternoon so I went to Chorlton Water Park for a stroll. At the rear of the park you find an area called Kenworthy Woods where you see far fewer people and the trees, grass and foliage are wilder. I like it there for both those reasons.

I didn’t expect to see Rosebay Willowherb in such profusion. It’s early. Last year I photographed it extensively at Chorlton Ees where it’s an astonishing sight. But that was autumn.

This was a delightful moment of late sun slanting through trees illuminating this patch of Willowherb.


Sunlit Willowherb

Friday August 5, 2016