I was in Scotland a few years ago exploring the north west and Skye. It was, as a local described it, miraculous weather on Skye. Consecutive days of sunny blue skies and luxuriously warm. I stayed at the Glen Brittle camp site which will be a terrible place with wind and rain because of the exposure. Mainland Scotland is bad enough. Glen Brittle, on Skye, is like the edge of the world beyond which the Atlantic looms which is where the bad stuff comes from.

I had a wonderful few days part of which was climbing the Cuillins. I’m not a climber but there are places where you can scramble and climb to the ridge, content with the view. It was wonderful too camped beside the sea. There’s a camp site a few miles from Barmouth in Wales which is also good, beside the sea, although I had a very bad night with wind and rain ripping into my backpacking tent making sleep impossible. I packed up in the dark, cold and rain and retreated to my car which was terribly uncomfortable but safe.

I love the sea. Britain is good for it with arguably the best coastline in Pembrokeshire, Devon, and Cornwall. Scottish islands are marvelous too. Equally good, in my view, is parts of Wales such as Harlech. This is not my favourite place if I’m spending time here and want to nap, read and sunbathe. There’s a beach nearby called Llandanwg – if you can pronounce that – which is smaller and cosier. Harlech is better for views, photography and walking, with enticing proximity to the hills.


Snowdonia Beaches: Harlech

Saturday September 17, 2016