In the pub where I often eat in this area, maybe three years ago, I talked about my day and how I’d got lost. With some routes up Moelfre there aren’t clear paths. It’s a simple area but not always easy to evaluate in terms of direction. I went back along the coastline and had to walk more miles than necessary, finishing on the road. I was exhausted.

When I saw the name Moelfre I pronounced it Meeerlfree. It seemed reasonable but Welsh is drastically different and I was prepared for error. In the pub the barman pronounced it Melvree so I wasn’t far wrong. The F become a V and the oe is effectively e. The o doesn’t change the sound of the word as it does, for example, in French.

This is a favourite place with sea views one side and these in the other. That’s Rhinog Fach and Rhinog Fawr. If you walk there from this area you aim for the drop between the two then climb. I’ve not wild camped around here but will do some time. The problem – or rather the attraction – is my fondness for the nearby camp site with my big comfortable tent, books, chair, food and coffee.


Moelfre to Rhinogydd

Monday October 10, 2016