This is one of the finest views in the Lake District, down to Ennerdale. I first saw it many years ago then remembered it, later, not knowing where it had been. A marvellous place but like a dream.

Grasmoor is in the very far distance. The ridge before that is above Buttermere where you also find superb views. Scotland and the Solway Firth is beyond Grasmoor. On a clear day you can see that far although it’s tiny and indistinct.

I remember driving out to Lanthwaite Green, taking off my summer sandals and putting on thick socks and Scarpa boots. I think that would have been the second time I’d climbed Grasmoor using that route. It’s a lovely place too. You reach a path junction before the climb which also leads over to Borrowdale.

So many lovely memories over twenty or thirty years in the Lake District. The very first time was a bike ride from my Lancaster student flat to the station, a train to Ravenglass, then the steam train to Eskdale. I didn’t really know what to do because my bike was with me. I pushed it up a hillside and cycled a little but it was too rough. I cycled up and down the valley. I asked about the Stanley Ghyll waterfall at the Eskdale station and remember a pretty smiling girl exclaiming “it’s lovely!” and indeed it is.

I remember Green Gable, not far from here with comparable Ennerdale views. Climbing up the slope after reaching Great Gable, then returning. It was winter, the track is loose and stony, and I diverted onto the hillside. The gradient was more difficult sloping down on the right as I had to aim up and left. But I decided, this is better.

I don’t remember this day. But as you can see, that doesn’t mean I can’t connect to the view and have other Lake District memories. The hills are full of them.


Ennerdale Beauty

Wednesday October 12, 2016