The patch of ground ahead is where you find the most colourful and interesting part of this area. Chorlton Ees is in the distance, the River Mersey behind. In 2015 the view ahead was ablaze with subtle Rosebay Willowherb colour. It’s been cut down. I don’t know the reason for the cutting and taming but it’s obviously ecological maintenance of some kind. A large area was cut near Kenworthy Woods earlier this year. That’s at the rear of Chorlton Water Park, a few miles down the River Mersey.

I’ve been reflecting on the quality of autumn. It’s a season of change which makes it distinct like spring. Summer has already gone but there’s warmth and light remaining. A final burst of colour before the darkness of winter. The temperatures are mellow and good for walking although I do enjoy the heat of a good august with shorts, sandals, and vest.

I don’t know the reason for leaf colour and why some trees have it and others don’t. I read something about chemicals but forget exactly what. This was a sombre day but I like the mellow and subdued colour. There were red berries on the tree.


Chorlton Meadows Autumn Leaves

Tuesday November 1, 2016