This is the culmination of a marvelous short walk. You start along Foxlow Edge above Erwood Reservoir. You might also walk down the track below Foxlow Edge into a forested valley. I recommend that for autumn. Walk down to a stream, cross a wooden bridge, cross another stream, then head toward Stakeside Pass. You reach a stile, with big Peak District views suddenly revealed.

Climb a hillside in the direction of the Cat And Fiddle pub, turn right, drop down a hill, up the other side, and you find Shining Tor.

That’s Manchester in the distance looking roughly West. On a later summer afternoon or early winter as here, you often have beautiful late sunshine. The hills are like soft velvet in this light.

It amazes me that the Peak District is so close to Manchester. Sheffield too if you live the other side of them. The industrial past of Manchester, the slave jobs people had, the Kinder Scout protest and this proximity make these hills a special place to wander. Look, there, one hour away, the big nasty city of corruption, cars, chavs, guns, and violence.


Shining Tor View

Saturday November 5, 2016