This lovely gentle view is where you can stroll down to Aira Force or drive down to Ullswater from Dockray. The unfolding lake is stunningly beautiful as you descend the road. It’s one of my unforgettable Lake District memories, the first time I did it.

For a few years this was a poignant area. It was where I said hello, back again, when visiting this part of the Lakes. An intimate place, by the river, resonant with memory and connection.

I still enjoy my ritual revisit although it’s not quite the same. I’ve gone further afield since then to Scotland, the Pyrenees, and numerous trips into Snowdonia. I currently prefer Wales which is not something I expected. Not for the scenery as such, but the atmosphere.

I once wandered the hillside above Aira Force in knee and chest high bracken. I didn’t know where I was going or if there was a path. There was that lovely Lake District scent you get nowhere else. Moist earth, wet fern, like you are breathing the landscape.

Another time, in 2013, I discovered a wonderful wild flower meadow across the river climbing to Dockray. It was summer. I walked Helvellyn, Red Screes, and wanted an easier day with a late breakfast, good lunch, and afternoon stroll. The skyline here is Place Fell.


Aira Force and Dockray

Friday November 18, 2016