Manchester streets were showing zero degrees. Here at ivy Green, Chorlton Ees and Chorlton Meadows it was colder. I’d say about minus two. I’ve seen fog here before but not like this. It was a delight walking around with my cameras enjoying the frosty trees, the layer effects of the fog, with receding muted colours. The autumn leaves have mostly gone but not entirely. Orange and yellow vivified the day.

Two hours later the fog had largely burnt away and the skies above were blue. The sun shone. In the Lake District and Snowdonia internet cameras showed spectacular conditions with snow on the peaks. This was a photographic walk, I reflected, enjoyable for different reasons. Which is not to say I wouldn’t have been thrilled at the hills but, rather, there are other pleasures to find with outdoors photography.


Chorlton Meadows Fog

Saturday November 26, 2016