The River Mersey is up these steps. Behind, ten minutes away, you find Sale Water Park. Walk along the river, cross it at a bridge, and you reach Chorlton Ees, Chorlton Meadows and further along, Chorlton Water Park.

It’s a good time of year when the trees are bare, it’s probably cold, but you have bright blue skies. Fine conditions for walking.

I remember a few years ago, reaching the base of Moel Siabod in Wales, intoxicated by the light, blue, and beautiful trees. I’d only just arrived. I had the day ahead of me but lingered, gazing and photographing and making video, thinking the trees are are at their best because of the blue sky.

You can see birds too, far more easily, although there aren’t so many about.

It’s a fine place for a stroll, anywhere around the Mersey Valley.


River Mersey Steps

Wednesday March 1, 2017