I yearn for spring and particularly enjoy the first flowers of the year. These are my first marsh marigolds, at Chorlton Water Park. The water side has been cut back and tamed. It used to be grass and reeds so I’d never seen these before although I’d sat here – there are wooden seats nearby – many times.

A summer-like day which meant I could take my shirt off and sunbathe. Last year, I got fine marsh marigold photographs at Stenner woods, at the rear of Fletcher Moss Gardens.

Swans sailed by. I got fun shots of them too and read an interesting book: Small Is Beautiful by EF Schumacher. I’d known about it a long time, browsed it some years ago, but never read it as such.

The spring birds were heavenly.


Chorlton Marsh Marigold

Friday March 24, 2017