Kinder Scout is a modest hill but highest in the Peak District. Remarkably, this viewpoint is about 23 miles from Manchester. There’s a fine circular route starting at Kinder Reservoir walking anti clockwise, finishing down a lovely grassy slope with the best views of the day.

The plateau at the top is fun but not a place I’d choose to wander for an extended trip. You could cross to Bleaklow for a three day wild camping venture, or head to Edale for the train perhaps, if you’ve arrived by train in Hayfield. That would be a good day. The moors here are rather dull with peat, boulders, heather, and an occasional grouse. Not much more. It’s good to stride across the easy paths but there’s very little to photograph.

The best views are like this, looking down the valleys and across to distant hills.


Kinder Scout

Tuesday March 28, 2017