It takes about an hour driving to the start of this walk from Manchester. It’s a short distance, barely more than twenty miles, made difficult by traffic. The Stockport and Hazel Grove area is usually very congested. It lessens at Disley as you start to see distant hills then thins to stress free levels at New Mills and Hayfield.

Kinder is arguably the most adventurous hill to explore in this part of the Peak District. I wondered how it feels if you live in the peaceful villages below. Specifically, what kind of relationship you have. I have a feeling for that in the Lake District but not here. “I don’t have to walk in bad weather” a Borrowdale guest house host said to me once, over breakfast, and another time we agreed how beautiful Blencathra was in the distance while capped with sunlit snow.

The Peak District is a quick and precious escape from the concrete squalor of Manchester and Sheffield, an obvious attraction if you live in Nottingham.


Kinder Scout Views

Thursday March 30, 2017