This is my newly favourite view of Kinder Scout in warm early evening light. There’s a camp site at the base of these hills and a woodland area which looks tempting. For a few years now I’ve been thinking of quick overnights, not far from Manchester, for the sake of a city escape and sleeping outdoors. I haven’t done it yet. It means changing my idea of wild camping which is normally part of a long walk.

The closest I’ve been is a one night camping walk – in the Welsh Carneddau for example – when I took a good evening meal, a potato and vegetable blend, made and eaten the day before. You can’t normally carry such weight but for a few hours in a light rucksack it’s fine.

You need good weather for that plan, however, which is problematic. Lazing, eating, reading, dreaming on a mountain or in a valley is wonderful but not in cloud or rain. I hiked and camped in the Arans some years ago and after breakfast sunbathed and read for several hours before setting off. It was a good book and I wanted to read it. The sun was strong and bright.


Kinder Scout Evening

Wednesday April 26, 2017