The wild flower areas in Manchester parks are delightful. Councils are not known for sensitive or intelligent operations. Rather, everything is dumbed down to lowest common denomination levels, upheld with politics. I don’t know the history of this relatively new initiative, spread around the country, but suspect it began with external consultation packed in monetary terms. Look, you won’t have to mow this area. Look, you won’t have to weed this flower patch because they are wild.

It seems to be slowing down where two years ago there were large roadside areas, and parks, exploding with wild flower colour. I’ve not seen any this year except for a few places where, presumably, the flowers are natively happy. Not all the mixture is indigenous.

Places like this are basically large areas of uncut grass where seeds have been thrown. There is reason to be cynical. There is also reason to enjoy these lovely patches.


Park Wild Flowers

Friday July 7, 2017