I write this now in 2015. Snow used to be quite rare in Britain. For the last few years we’ve seen a lot of it. For two recent winters it was problematic, with severe cold and hazardous roads. Winter 2014-15 was enjoyable with good snow in the hills but none on the English or Welsh roads. Scotland, as always, was different. I was hoping for a March trip but Scottish snow was one reason why I didn’t make it. The ski slopes were active. I wonder if the industry might be revived. It will be if the trend continues.

This was Boxing Day 2005. There was a good dump of snow and I left immediately to enjoy it. I can reach Kentmere in less than two hours which means it’s a feasible day trip. I’ve done that a few times but it’s quite arduous, there and back, with a good walk in between.

The late afternoon light was beautiful, shining pink onto the hills against sombre grey skies. It was there for perhaps ten minutes, the sun flashing through the clouds, then I had to walk fast to get warm again. The temperature dropped with the sun. I didn’t want to be up here in the darkness.

Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick are the three summits on this lovely ridge. You don’t quite feel it’s the Lake District, because you are on the edge of it. Look one way and you see across to Helvellyn. Gaze the other way and you look south towards Lancaster, Morecambe, and agricultural fields.


Kentmere Snow

Tuesday January 3, 2006