Mountain Photography Walking: Grasmoor Wednesday July 24, 2013

I’ve walked up Grasmoor in the Lake District maybe eight times. The first three or so I went up a steep slope and along a ridge, from Lanthwaite Green. Then I went there about twice from the Borrowdale / Keswick area. I think the last two occasions, prior to this walk, I went directly up the scree slopes from the Buttermere valley. The first time was a bad mistake. The second time I’d forgotten the first.

This was a lovely walk at the end of April 2013 when the calendar said spring but the weather said winter – but the best kind of winter when it’s slightly but not bitterly cold, and the skies are blue. Night temperatures were dropping to about minus two but the days were comfortable.

After making this video, and the close attention that involves, I’ve become very fond of Grasmoor. I’ve taken photographs here many times but video has a different effect which is better for the panorama sweep, the storyline, the reminiscence, the explanation and account of what I’m thinking and feeling as I walk the mountains.


Lake District





Peak District


Chorlton Meadows