Last year I particularly enjoyed forget-me-nots. The year before it was red campion. The year before that, the strikingly pretty bogbean which you find quite easily in parts of Snowdonia. Welsh poppy two years ago, searching for them everywhere and finding very few. One place at Chorlton Water Park, the front garden of a student house in Withington and one specific roadside location at Burnage. The Peak District – a large patch in one place – and in Wales. I’ve enjoyed snakeshead fritillary for three years. You find them easily at Alexandra Park.

This year I’ve been particularly enjoying wood anemone, cowslips, and marsh marigold. The first two aren’t easy to find in Manchester but I was successful at Chorlton Water Park (initially just one cowslip) and Mersey Vale (a modest patch of anemone under some trees).

I never knew these marsh marigold were here at Stenner Woods, the area which is behind Fletcher Moss Gardens. Quite delightful – large patches of them alongside drainage ponds.

I wandered here for nearly two hours, constantly watching the light. There was one patch, not these, with photographic potential. What it needed however was good light. Light changes everything. It is, sometimes, the reason for a photograph. Daffodil yellow flowers are not usually my favourite. Daffodils seem slightly garish: too much, and too many of them. However I like marsh marigold, caltha palustris. Winking Marybuds begin to open their golden eyes, says Sheakespeare, Cymbeline chapter two.


Manchester Wild Flowers: Marsh Marigold at Stenner Woods

Saturday April 30, 2016