Fletcher Moss Gadens is a delightful place in Manchester, which I’m rediscovering. The attraction for me is not so much the gardens, pleasant as they are with a lovely rockery, but the area over the back. There you find Stenner Woods, wonderful for birds, Millgate Field, and a path beside the River Mersey.

I’m not a great fan of woods because I like to walk and see the landscape, for which mountains are best. I am however enjoying Stenner Woods and the experience you find there, and the related area. It’s micro exploration. That tree again, this time you enjoy the moss cover on the bark, the forget-me-not are still there and I wonder how long they last. That’s a question you answer with repeated visits and familiarity.

It’s quiet over here, which you can’t say about Chorlton Water Park or Chorlton Meadows along the River Mersey. You can walk the fields there and not see many people, but walk beside the Mersey in sunshine and you find joggers, dog walkers, couples, cyclists, students.

The common name for this flower is dog rose. This is one instance where I prefer the Latin name and it’s not hard to remember.


Manchester Wild Flowers: Millgate Fields Rosa Canina

Sunday June 19, 2016